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How To Take Fashionable Pictures Like A Model

You just have to make sure that how you fashion your clothes and your background is relatable or complements each ...

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How Supermodels Take A Break From The Supermodel Life

Supermodels, being famous, are always watched. Be it by paparazzi behind a bush or by thousands or millions of people ...

Mobile app developer in Malaysia

The Importance Of Digital Presence For Your Brand

In conclusion, not only as a fashion brand, but every business should establish its digital presence. With the current era ...

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How To Make A Living As A Freelance Model

Just remember, while it is easy to fall into various ways to earn a living when you aren’t getting enough ...

social media and marketing in Malaysia

Tips To Marketing A Fashion Brand On Social Media

In recent years, social media and marketing in Malaysia have become such a popular means of brand marketing that ...

Why Thrifting Is Friendly

Why Thrifting Is Friendly

Frequent buying of used items over newly made ones can reduce waste and pollution by decreasing the amount of ...

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5 Steps On How To Be A Successful Model

Some may even consider a model’s social media presence to decide whether they should hire them or not. One of ...

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Side Income For Fashion Designers

One of the ways that you can have more money generally is by doing stock trading. Why bother with other ...


How To Take Fashionable Pictures Like A Model

You just have to make sure that how you fashion your clothes and your background is relatable or complements each other because if not, your picture would look weird and you definitely do not want that to happen. Meanwhile, for outdoor fashion photography, you can always check out Instagrammable places to take your “Outfits Of The Day”. For example, Orchard Road Street in Singapore, which is really near to Canninghill Square River Valley has some cool places for you to check out for your next outfit photoshoot.

Tips To Marketing A Fashion Brand On Social Media

In recent years, social media and marketing in Malaysia have become such a popular means of brand marketing that it's become a career path in and of itself; with tons of top social media companies Malaysia in KL and the best social media companies in Malaysia cropping up all over the nation. However, while social media is undoubtedly a valuable marketing asset to all sorts of brands from all sorts of industries, it can be particularly helpful to those in the fashion industry - able to boost your brand recognition and garments to a wider online audience. This is especially true for platforms like Instagram, in which pleasing aesthetics and...

Why Thrifting Is Friendly

Frequent buying of used items over newly made ones can reduce waste and pollution by decreasing the amount of plastic in landfills and gradually contributing to a decrease in worldwide textile demands. Not far from Kayu Ara, a thrift shop called Bless Shop can actually bless you with an eye-candy collection of clothing. At the same time you shop there, you are also contributing to the donation fund such as drug rehab homes, feeding refugees, homes for troubled women, and Orang Asli outreach programs.

Side Income For Fashion Designers

One of the ways that you can have more money generally is by doing stock trading. Why bother with other untrusted investments when you can join broker Malaysia? You will be surprised by how much profit you can make out of online share trading Malaysia. There are many ways as well in knowing about online stock trading Malaysia, and that includes checking their website too. Apart from that, there are influencers and people on Instagram who share their thoughts and work with online trading and investment on Instagram, which is one of the platforms that is convenient for every user. Hence, if you are interested in that, you can check...

How Models Take Care Of Their Health

Sometimes models will have events until at late night and normally they will drink some alcohol drink. Everyone knows that alcohol is not good for health but people enjoy drinking it so to prevent any health disease models also consume supplements and vitamins. For example, the vitamin that will health to improve their inner body is liver supplements in Malaysia that is good for liver protection, immune system improvement and the important one is it will improve the skin pigmentation.

Fashion Challenges As Female Engineers

 Therefore, I do not think if any one of us is that strong mentally, especially if we like dressing up, that this is a good option for us. Some women like their hair long and of course, without having to tie their hair. But providing marine solution Malaysia to people cannot be advisable to have long hair. Last but as important, these women, especially young female engineers, hardly can explore their sense of fashion when they are working on the oil platform. Not saying that they cannot, but not while working on the oil platform, maybe they can during working in the office, but not on the field

Tips For A Stunning Fashion Website

That includes color, design of the website, logo, and the layout arrangement of the website. The reason why these elements are important because they will attract your customer to visit your website and to get them interested in your website as well as your products. You must pick the right color scheme and the right fonts that are suitable for the theme of your website. If not, your website might not look appealing and can not attract many people to visit your website. You can check out the web design company Penang if you want to hire someone to design a website for you.

3 Ways IT Has Become Vital To The Fashion Industry

Gone are the days of poring through physical magazines for the latest summer look, or wading through physical stores, knees-deep in skirts and shirts and dresses, to find the sleek and chic ensemble you’ve always wanted - with IT has come to a paradigm shift of sorts in the workings of the fashion world, and the younger, digitally-savvy Millennial generation of fashionistas seem to be eagerly embracing the change. Across the years, things like backup solutions Malaysia and remote IT support services have become practically invaluable to the new, digital workings of the current fashion scene - so without further ado, here are 3 ways...

How To Be Stylish During Pregnancy

For example, for fancy sandals and small sling bags, you can head to Rubi, Cotton On, or Primavera, etc. Moreover, cotton material and gown will be your best friend, as you are not recommended to wear tight clothing because of your hormonal changes and you will be sweating a lot. Additionally, you are advised to not wear underwired or padded bras, because it can stop blood circulation around your breast areas. Thus, try to get good quality bras that might also be useful for your Mothercare, you can also go to Lansinoh mother care essentials, for more useful things for you and your upcoming baby.

4 Instagram Cannabis Models You Need To Know

Nikki is someone who has an interest in the outdoors as well as making new friends while exploring new cultures. With her keen interest in recreational and medicinal marijuana, she started working in a weed dispensary in California once the Californian recreational laws were updated and implemented. When the laws changed, stoners were excited to show off their weed collection and stash. Nikki has always been in love with photography and modelling, which is why she started incorporating weed together with nature.

Models Who Are Well Known In The Fashion Industry

Her real name is Dayang Nur Atikah Karim and she is from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Look at her skin that is very tanned and the beauty of the Bajau-Bruneian. She started joined a beauty pageant since she was 16 years old and that was her first step then after finish her secondary school she got the spot after winning the Ford Supermodel of the World Search Malaysia. Atikah Karim said that since she was small, she always dreamed to be a model and her parent is very supportive. Chanel Iman is Atikah Karim’s idol and she always watches Iman videos to practice the walk. Being away abroad...

6 Ways To Earn Side Income As A Model

Using the right model is important when it comes to selling fashion apparel. You have the upper hand as a model to know the ins and outs of the fashion apparel world. If you have no clue how to start your own eCommerce store, there are many online tutorials to learn from such as the Kibo Code Quantum Bonus, E-commerce Get It Right, and many more.

The Reason You Should Consider A Career In Fashion Design

It is really an industry that brings people together no matter their differences. It is fine if they don’t speak each other’s language or practice each other’s culture because the only thing they need to understand and practice is fashion. Students nowadays regard fashion as something sacred and they take their courses very seriously. It is just unfortunate that for the public in Malaysia, it is not something well-known, similar to other unfamiliar courses like office management. If you search for bidang pengurusan pejabat or diploma pengurusan maklumat, you wouldn’t find much information on it compared to finding a more popular course like Medic or Law. It is...

Why Your Fashion Brand Needs A Website

Don’t worry - setting up a website for your fashion brand isn’t that difficult. First off, you have to look around the web hosting companies to buy a domain name and web hosting server. Since your website will be under e-Commerce, it is recommended to purchase a service package that offers SEO web hosting, compared to a regular web hosting server. This is because SEO is very important for e-Commerce websites.

How To Design A Successful Fashion Show Stage

For example, to ensure smoothness of the runway platforms for the models to walk on, a good sander is required. Orbital sanders are usually the best option. There are quite a few orbital sander reviews you could take a look at before deciding to use one for the platform. Aside from that, a drill with a circular bit is needed to make the necessary holes for the poles. There are quite a few factors that should be taken to account upon building the stage, so be sure to know them all!

Why Is Having Good Posture Important for Fashion Models

One of the easiest ways to know if you have a bad posture is when you have severe lower back pain or around your shoulders. When you experience pain, yoga, and physiotherapy classes help to provide relief. These classes encourage you to stretch your body and realign your spine by offering exercises that straighten your back. Aside from that, you can also try out the Back in Action Program by Kimberly Clark as it is known to not only cure back pain but improve your posture as well.

How To Start Your Own Fashion Marketing Agency

As a marketing agency, without a doubt, you need to get your social media accounts and website set up. If you aren’t a web developer and can’t afford to hire one, you could easily download ThemeForest themes to quickly set up your website with a smooth design. Usually, this would be the common option when you’re just starting up since there is a very low budget. Other than that, make sure you choose the right social media channel to market your agency since not every channel such as Twitter is suitable, especially when most of your target audience isn’t active there.

The Automation Industry Is Always There In The Fashion Industry

What we need to understand is, the fashion industry also requires a lot of workers and a big workplace for them to complete their products such as a big company such as H&M and Uniqlo. Elcomp, an Industrial automation company Malaysia is an industrial automation company that is always there in creating such machines in helping any kind of industry. The fashion industry can improve its product quality if they are using the industrial automation product. 

How Do Malaysian Models Maintain Their Healthy Lifestyles?

The reason why this is important for models is because they have to make sure that they are not underweight before their runway. This is quite hard but it can be done if we are mindful of what we eat. Nevertheless, you can always buy it from the online grocery in Malaysia, especially during this global pandemic. But if you get deeper into calorie calculation, you can consume anything as long as it is in moderation

Let’s Learn More On Fabric Stabilizer

As for the back appearance of the fabrics, if you don’t want any stabilizer to show up, you can use a water-soluble stabilizer. But you also can tear away the stabilizer if you want most of the stabilizer to be removed. Next, the type and the weight of the stabilizer will affect the feel of the fabrics. So, you have to find the stabilizer that is suitable for the fabrics to maintain the feel of the fabrics. Lastly, test the stabilizer to know if it is suitable for the fabrics. To have quality, the choice of stabilizer matters too, check the best chemical manufacturer in Malaysia, for superior...

Not Just Fashion, But Design

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