Dress for a Date Night

 It’s worth the time if you dress up for a date night. However, it’s also important to dress for the ...

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Dress To Impress: What To Wear For Important Occasion

Dresscodes and themes are given for a reason. Being able to abide by the dress code and theme of an ...

Using Blender in The Fashion Industry

Using Blender in The Fashion Industry

Using simulation to model (from the continuation of shirt modelling to simulation and movement) In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate how ...

How to Appear Professional in the Workplace

How to Appear Professional in the Workplace

Observe how the other people in the office dress. Are they more casual or do they always turn to that ...

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Here are Some of Chanel’s Iconic Runway Shows

 When it comes to the fashion big show, Chanel has created some of the most transforming, sensual experiences ever. Of ...

basic tops as wardrobe essentials for women

10 Timeless Wardrobe Essential For Women

If you think you always lack something to wear, then you probably don't have enough basic staples in your wardrobe. ...

What Impact Does Social Media Have On The Fast Fashion Industry

What Impact Does Social Media Have On The Fast Fashion Industry

Social media has ushered in a new era of connectivity that has transformed important sectors. Things that are happening on ...

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2022 Fashion Predictions: What’s In and Popular

A shopaholic or fashion lover would love to spend money on their clothes. Fashion creates an image for themselves. However, ...


Tips For A Stunning Fashion Website

The reason why these elements are important is that they will attract your customer to visit your website and get them interested in your website as well as your products. You must pick the right colour scheme and the right fonts that are suitable for the theme of your website. If not, your website might not look appealing and can not attract many people to visit your website. You can check out Digital Marketing Malaysia if you want to hire someone to design a website for you.

How do Malaysian Models Maintain Healthy Lifestyles?

The reason why this is important for models is because they have to make sure that they are not underweight before their runway. This is quite hard but it can be done if we are mindful of what we eat. Nevertheless, you can always buy it from online grocery in Malaysia, especially during this global pandemic. But if you get deeper into calorie calculation, you can consume anything as long as it is in moderation. 

How To Be Stylish During Pregnancy

Moreover, cotton material and gown will be your best friend, as you are not recommended to wear tight clothing because of your hormonal changes and you will be sweating a lot. Additionally, you are advised to not wear underwired or padded bras, because it can stop blood circulation around your breast areas. Thus, try to get good quality bras that might also be useful for your mother care, you can also go to Lansinoh mother care essentials, for more useful things for you and your upcoming baby.

Where Sex Meets Fashion In 2021

However, sex toys Malaysia is a major selling point in the western world. The western perception of fashion is heavily integrated with their own perceptions of sex and gender. It has become difficult to separate the notions of sex from the world of fashion. But, what the world perceives as sexy or rather obscene might be very different from what the world considers sexy.

What Is A Fabric Stabilizer?

Fabric stabilizer is a fabric that is used for machine embroidery. It is used as a sustainer on any fabrics during the stitching process to avoid the fabric to wrinkle or stretch. You have to choose the right stabilizer because it will affect the embroidery whether in a good way or in a bad way. Using a stabilizer that is not suitable for the fabrics or for the stitch count of the design can make the design look bad and not good.

Tips to Make a Famous Life of a Supermodel

These days everybody wants to be a supermodel and to become famous, and many models have tried their hands at acting, writing, music, fashion designing, photography, sports and television which can all be simply accessed as long as you get a good Unifi internet package, that’s why people are easily exposed to that kind of life already. The life of a supermodel is a career that has been glamorized to a large extent and a few years ago, people thought that being a supermodel was just an interesting name given by a person who wants to make a name for himself or herself in this field of modeling. 

4 Instagram Cannabis Models You Need To Know

Instagram cannabis models - say what?! Yes, there are beauty models, fashion models, and now there are cannabis models on this humble image sharing platform. Social media has taken the world by storm, and that includes the cannabis industry as well. If you’re a stoner, feel free to follow these 4 Instagram models who are actively involved in the cannabis community: 

Dani Isabelle
Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, Dani has been a cannabis enthusiast since she was merely 20 years old. Ever since then, she has been modelling by doing photo or video promotion shoots as well as selling some rolling papers. The funny thing...

How To Style Your Daily Workwear

Next, the high-visibility jackets have also made their debut in the fashion runway world as more people are interested in neon-coloured jackets. This is the best attire people working at Gutter Malaysia can wear every day. Working daily while also checking the roof drainage system can be tiring. This is another important reason why those who work for roof drain pipes in Malaysia and others in blue-collared industries can fashion this look best while also working hard at work. 

Supermodel Kendall Jenner’s $8.55 Billion L.A. Mansion

If you are engrossed to experience how it feels like to golf on the summit of your house like Jenner did, consider a metal roof installation as a more cost-friendly alternative to that Jenner. In case you happened to be a beginner to golfing, just a heads up, contact metal roofing Malaysia today before you accidentally dent your roof with heavy golf clubs. 

Women Empowerment In Fashion Industry

The fashion industry consists of many influencers who can easily come up with a statement that will automatically change many mindsets in society. You see, the fashion industry is already big and it is something that people look up to especially young girls. Therefore, I believe people should know their own important role in order to know the right ways to get to people’s hearts.

Best Runway Shows Of All Time

Thus, here were some of the most memorable runway shows throughout the years. It’s very different from what people in other countries do. For instance in Malaysia, they would hire a Glasswall Specialist KL to maybe install a glass partition wall Malaysia so that their shows would look more elegant. Plus, the glass wall industries like Hufcor include a glass wall that is operable so it’d add a little spice to the show.

Steps In Planning A Successful Fashion Show

The decorations have to be too. It depends on the collection theme as well. If you are doing it indoors, you have to make sure the walls are fully decorated and it is better if you get some wallpapers on at Home Painters Toronto as they have great service in installation and also removal. You can get the venue in clean condition back very quickly. 

Not Just Fashion, But Design

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