white t-shirt

How To Rock Any Outfit With White T-Shirt

Kamal Kalra: Simplicity is the best fashion one can ever wear.

Since the dawn of time, fashion has existed in ...

How Social Media Affects Fashion Models’ Branding Image 

How Social Media Affects Fashion Models’ Branding Image 

In order to advertise their clothing brands, it is common for a branding company to hire celebrities as their ...

glass partition wall Malaysia

Best Runway Shows Of All Time

It’s very different from what people in other countries do. For instance in Malaysia, they would hire a Glasswall Specialist ...

gutter Malaysia

How To Style Your Daily Workwear

Next, the high-visibility jackets have also made their debut into the fashion runway world as more people are interested in ...

Unifi internet

High-End Fashion Careers Without Fashion School 

“Where there is a will, there is a way” stands true to fashion. No matter what your major is fashion ...

Sex Toy Shop Malaysia

Women Empowerment In Fashion Industry

Especially in this century with the existence of adult toys rises, that you can easily purchase from

Jobs For Models Looking For Side Income

Jobs For Models Looking For Side Income

Being a real estate agent can be one of the best-paid jobs all the while having very flexible hours. For instance, ...


Jobs For Models Looking For Side Income

Being a real estate agent can be one of the best-paid jobs all the while having very flexible hours. For instance, if you’re a model in Malaysia and you choose to take up a side job as a real estate agent for Edgeprop, you could simply organize your working hours to fit your schedule. Plus, being a real estate agent is kind of fun, isn’t it? You get to see many houses in Kota Kinabalu or Kayu Ara and apartments as well as show people around and help people find their new homes. 

How To Take Fashionable Pictures Like A Model

You just have to make sure that how you fashion your clothes and your background is relatable or complements each other because if not, your picture would look weird and you definitely do not want that to happen. Meanwhile, for outdoor fashion photography, you can always check out Instagrammable places to take your “Outfits Of The Day”. For example, Orchard Road Street in Singapore, which is really near to Canninghill Square River Valley has some cool places for you to check out for your next outfit photoshoot.

Tips For A Stunning Fashion Website

That includes color, design of the website, logo, and the layout arrangement of the website. The reason why these elements are important because they will attract your customer to visit your website and to get them interested in your website as well as your products. You must pick the right color scheme and the right fonts that are suitable for the theme of your website. If not, your website might not look appealing and can not attract many people to visit your website. You can check out the web design company Penang if you want to hire someone to design a website for you.

4 Instagram Cannabis Models You Need To Know

Nikki is someone who has an interest in the outdoors as well as making new friends while exploring new cultures. With her keen interest in recreational and medicinal marijuana, she started working in a weed dispensary in California once the Californian recreational laws were updated and implemented. When the laws changed, stoners were excited to show off their weed collection and stash. Nikki has always been in love with photography and modelling, which is why she started incorporating weed together with nature.

The Reason You Should Consider A Career In Fashion Design

It is really an industry that brings people together no matter their differences. It is fine if they don’t speak each other’s language or practice each other’s culture because the only thing they need to understand and practice is fashion. Students nowadays regard fashion as something sacred and they take their courses very seriously. It is just unfortunate that for the public in Malaysia, it is not something well-known, similar to other unfamiliar courses like office management. If you search for bidang pengurusan pejabat or diploma pengurusan maklumat, you wouldn’t find much information on it compared to finding a more popular course like Medic or Law. It is...

The Automation Industry Is Always There In The Fashion Industry

What we need to understand is, the fashion industry also requires a lot of workers and a big workplace for them to complete their products such as a big company such as H&M and Uniqlo. Elcomp, an Industrial automation company Malaysia is an industrial automation company that is always there in creating such machines in helping any kind of industry. The fashion industry can improve its product quality if they are using the industrial automation product. 

Not Just Fashion, But Design

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